Dawn of Mars


Colonize Mars and uncover its secrets


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Dawn of Mars is a strategy and resource management game where you have to build a colony from scratch on the surface of the Red Planet while raising buildings, managing the colonists' tasks, and prospecting on your territory in search of resources.

Like other titles for Android in this genre, Dawn of Mars bases its game system on waiting real minutes to finish each task, so you'll have to be assiduous about accessing the game to optimize your progress as well as you can.

As you expand your colony you have more variables to keep in mind, which means you have to balance the available energy with your colonists' wellbeing and the raw materials needed to do any upgrades.

Although Dawn of Mars seems like a simple strategy game, it includes an in-depth narrative that unfolds as you advance successfully and complete objectives, allowing you to discover some of the mysteries that surround Earth's red neighbor.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher.